A performant API that aligns with industry standards

The IDEX API was designed to be as familiar as possible to advanced traders and market makers. Unlike other DEXs, IDEX features low latency, high throughput, instant confirmations, advanced order types, and standardized request and response formats. By aligning the IDEX API with the de-facto industry standard, we've made it as easy as possible for traders to bring their existing bots and strategies over to the high-performance DEX.

REST and WebSocket APIs

IDEX provides both REST and WebSocket APIs. The REST API allows users to request information about the exchange, such as assets and market data, as well as cached versions of the order book and trade history. The WebSocket API provides real-time updates on all market data, including new orders and successful trades, as soon as they occur.

JavaScript SDK

Included in the API is a Javascript SDK. The SDK automatically manages the WebSocket subscription and is the recommended integration strategy for JavaScript projects. Traders can use the SDK to build a WebSocket backed real-time order book implementation, particularly helpful for translating the AMM pool updates received via the WebSocket API.

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