Add liquidity (LP)

Step 1

Ensure you have some MATIC in your wallet — you need to pay the gas fee to create LP tokens.

Note: The funds for creating the LP tokens can come directly from your wallet or from funds you already have deposited on IDEX. For the best UX we highly suggest depositing the funds to IDEX before creating LP tokens.

Step 2

Connect your wallet to IDEX through one of the options.

Step 3

Once you have connected your wallet, navigate to the “Liquidity” page by clicking on “Liquidity” in the nav bar.

Step 4

Next click “Add Liquidity” and select the pair you wish to add liquidity.

Step 5

After selecting the pair input the amount of liquidity to add. Note: You must approve both tokens with a transaction the first time you add liquidity. Once you have approved the two tokens click on the “Supply” button.

Step 6

On the next page check your values and click “Confirm Supply” to finish adding liquidity.

Step 7

Please wait while your transaction mines.

Step 8

Once your transaction mines you must wait 128 blocks to receive your LP tokens.

Step 9

After 128 blocks you will receive your LP tokens in your wallet. They can then be used to farm IDEX.

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