Polygon Bridge

The Polygon sidechain is external to Ethereum. To move ETH and other Ethereum-based tokens back and forth between these chains, one must use the Polygon Bridge.

We’ll show you step by step how to “bridge” tokens from the ethereum network to Polygon (Matic).

First, we must navigate to the official Polygon network bridge website:

Log in with Metamask (we recommend metamask for trading on IDEX).

Metamask will request your Signature to connect to the Polygon Bridge.

After signing your transaction you’ll be shown a few choices. This time we want to use the “Polygon Bridge”.

Select the token and amount you want to bridge, in this example we use “Ether”. Please note that your wallet must have enough Ether to cover the gas fees of the transaction.

After clicking on [Transfer] you will receive a couple of notifications, one of these showing you the estimated gas fee you’d pay for the transaction.

Once you've started the bridging process (as shown above) a new Metamask window will appear asking you to confirm the transaction.

The bridge process will begin. This could take a couple of minutes depending on network traffic and gas fees paid.

The transaction will first be “Confirmed” but not yet Completed*.

This can take a few minutes, you can close the small pop up window and watch the process complete by clicking on [Pending] at the top of the website:

Once completed, the tokens have been successfully bridged to Polygon! You can now click on [Switch to Polygon] to start operating on IDEX!


You may not immediately see your new tokens on Metamask once you open it after bridging the tokens.

Don’t panic! You just need to “add” them to the interface. To do so, you need the address of the token you just bridged, in this case “wETH” (wrapped Ethereum). You can find the address on the Polygonscan explorer website.

After clicking on [View in Explorer], a new browser window will open showing your wallet’s transactions. Click on [ERC-20 Token Txns] and you will see the tokens you just bridged.

Click on the token name at the right to find the smart contract address for each and copy it. Now open Metamask and click on [ADD TOKEN].

Paste the contract address in its respective field. The data will populate, click [Next] and you will see the token in the Metamask interface. Repeat this process for other tokens you might want to bridge such as the IDEX token.

If you have any questions about bridging tokens to Polygon to use on IDEX please contact us using the Live-help button on our website.

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