Deposit tokens

Step 1

Ensure your tokens are in the wallet that you will connect to IDEX. IDEX is a decentralized exchange — all deposits and withdrawals must come from and go back to the wallet you use to interact with IDEX.

Ensure you have some MATIC in your wallet — you need to pay the gas fee to deposit to IDEX.

Step 2

Connect your wallet to IDEX through one of the options.

Step 3

Once you have connected your wallet, navigate to the “My Balances” page by clicking on “Balances” in the nav bar.

Step 4

Review the Balances page.

  • The Asset column lists the symbol of a Polygon asset.

  • Name is the name of the asset.

  • My Wallet Balance is the balance of the asset in your wallet. This balance is available to be deposited into the IDEX contract.

  • My IDEX Balance is the balance of the asset deposited on IDEX and available for trading.

  • On Orders is the portion of the IDEX balance currently reserved for open limit orders.

  • USD Value on IDEX is the USD value of the IDEX Balance

  • Actions is the deposit or withdraw buttons.

Step 5

Once you have located the asset you wish to deposit, click the “Deposit” button.

Step 6

After clicking deposit you will receive a pop up with an input field.

  1. Enter the amount of the asset you would like to deposit. If you would like to deposit your entire Wallet Balance click “Maximum.”

  2. Choose the gas price for your deposit. The slider will default to a price that ensures your deposit will process quickly. If you chose a lower price it may take a long time for your deposit to finalize.

  3. Click “Deposit.”

Step 7

If you are using a software or hardware wallet you will need to approve the transaction on your respective wallet before the deposit is initiated on the blockchain. If you are using a private key or keystore your deposit is initiated immediately

Note: MATIC deposits only require one transaction approval. Token deposits require two transaction approvals the first time you deposit that token. All subsequent deposits of that token require only one transaction approval.

Step 8

After clicking confirm, you will receive another popup that informs you the deposit is processing. Please be patient.

Step 9

If you navigate to the “Balances” →“Balance History” page you will see your pending deposit. Note: MATIC deposits occur in one transaction. Token deposits require two transactions the first time you deposit that token. All subsequent deposits of that token require only one transaction.

Note: If you are using MetaMask or Ledger and are depositing a token for the first time you have to approve two transactions. If you refresh IDEX while the first transaction is pending you may cause the app to miss the confirmation of the first deposit transaction. If this happens, simply initiate the deposit again and it will resume with the second transaction.

Step 11

You will receive a notification once your deposit is complete. You are now able to trade those assets!

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