Delegate to an existing node

Hosted staking allows IDEX node operators to open their nodes to other IDEX holders. In return, hosted node operators receive a portion of the staking earnings from any additional IDEX tokens delegated to their node.

For IDEX holders:

  • Participate in IDEX staking without operating a node

  • No minimum IDEX required to participate in staking

Hosted staking is a free market, as node operators are able to set the fees on their nodes as they wish. Node operators are capped at a fee of 10%. If a node operator changes their fee the change will not go into effect until the next staking period. Users delegating their stake are responsible for choosing a hosted node based on their fee rate and uptime stats.

Step 1

Have your IDEX tokens available in your wallet or IDEX exchange balance, delegation can be performed both on Ethereum or Polygon chain.

Step 2

Connect your wallet holding the IDEX tokens to IDEX through one of the supported wallet options.

Step 3

Hover on “Rewards” on the top right corner then select “Staking” from the dropdown menu.

Step 4

Navigate to the delegate tab and click on the delegate tab under Hosts to delegate staking to a node.

Step 5

Congrats! You are now delegating and earning staking rewards! Keep in mind that delegated tokens are not locked in delegation node, therefore available to be traded on exchange.

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