User Benefits

The unique design of IDEX brings a whole host of benefits to all ecosystem participants.

Swap Traders

No failed trades: A common occurrence on other DEXs, failed trades lead to wasted gas fees (you can see how much you’ve already lost here). To make matters worse, users must try again to execute the trade, often at a worse price.

Instant trade execution: Orders on IDEX are confirmed instantly which means:

  • No opportunity for malicious actors to engage in front-running or sandwich attacks

  • Users get the best price and save money on gas

No gas wars: IDEX dispatches all trades for settlement in the same order they were executed. This eliminates the need for users to increase gas prices and compete to process their trades. The result is a fair trading environment and a reduction in settlement costs.

Advanced Traders

Instant Trade Execution: In addition to the benefits outlined above, instant execution means that IDEX balances update immediately. This enables active users to continue trading without waiting for previous trades to settle.

Best Prices: IDEX’s high-performance trading engine executes orders across all liquidity sources in real-time. Incorporating limit orders leads to better pricing than pure AMMs.

Advanced Order Types: Users are not limited to market orders, opening up more advanced trading strategies. Users trade against a liquidity pool with order types such as stop-loss, post-only, and fill-or-kill.

Active Market Makers

Performant API: In addition to advanced orders, IDEX features a top tier API that conforms with the best centralized exchanges. Quickly port your existing strategies to IDEX.

Gas-free order placement and cancel: With IDEX’s off-chain orderbook, there are no gas fees for placing and canceling limit orders. Market makers can constantly update orders as markets move without incurring additional costs.

AMM Arbitrage: The IDEX AMM only updates the price when users trade against it. As prices move on other exchanges, this creates arbitrage opportunities on IDEX.


Passive Market Making: Casual users can deposit and forget it using AMM liquidity pools to easily provide liquidity to an order book.

Higher LP APY: Liquidity providers earn more fees due to higher trade volume driven by more frequent arbitrage opportunities and less profit leakage to miners.

Strong Incentives: Liquidity mining incentives encourage participation in the early bootstrapping phase.

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